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Process Post #3

Hi all! This is my third process post, and I’m really starting to get the hang of this online thing! This week, I read this week readings and reflected on them. I also worked on my website online and things are definitely starting to come together!

My website outline - what i need to do, how it will function

The last week during my website outline journey has been an amazing yet challenging one. during this process, I’ve drafted a site map (you can see it below) that features such as  PUB 101WEEKLY CONTENTS, as the categories on my navigation bar, I have also put the  ABOUT ME and HOME page in navigation bar for more user-friendliness. Additionally, during this process, I have added the process postspeer reviews, and mini assignments to the navigation bar as the sub-categories of the PUB 101 for the easier access. Also, if you look closely in the sidebar while browsing through the website (look at your right side now!), you can also find categories like archives and tags for your convenience! 

My site map

Reflections, thoughts and opinions on this week's reading:
1. "How I Got My Attention Back" by Craig Mod

This week’s reading assignment, How I Got My Attention Back by Craig Mod, was eye-opening as someone who has experienced the realities of ADHD in my personal life. Based on Mod’s article, new thoughts and opinions on managing my attention span while studying and living a productive lifestyle have formed. Also, I have started to think more deeply about my relationship with social media and if it is healthy or not; as a college undergraduate student, I am constantly using Instagram for networking and promotion of my blog, but there must be a reward system to limit usage when need be. I consider how I could implement some of Mod’s strategies into my blog’s mission statement so that I can start having control over my phone use instead of it controlling me.

2. "Awina Maga Kiya" by Deanna Reder

Reading Deanna Reder’s paper on Cree and Métis autobiographical writing was a truly impactful experience for me. Although my own cultural background is different from that of the authors she discusses, I could still relate to her topics of identity and personal experiences. Through exploring these themes in detail, Reder sheds light onto how extremely important it is for individuals like myself who may have struggled with achieving this delicate balance to see their perspectives explored through literature— something which has been so beautifully done by the amazing writers at its center: those within the Cree and Métis community.

I’m really excited to share something special and new on my blog this week! By incorporating the great insights from this paper, I can bring fresh perspectives about diverse cultures and experiences to my readers. Beyond that, it’s also an opportunity for me — someone with different cultural roots — to express what kind of impact those backgrounds have had in shaping our beliefs and views. Plus, we’ll touch upon some common stereotypes out there too – all at once opening up a dialogue around how important embracing culture diversity is today! It’s such great timing as well because lately I feel so confident about sharing these kinds of ideas & stories here 🙂

3. "The Online Disinhibition Effect" by John Suler

This week, I reflected on John Suler’s The Online Disinhibition Effect. In detail, I read about online and asynchronous behavior that resonated with me. After reading, I found myself researching further about this topic and learning so much detail about the digital psychology of human interaction. Upon understanding more, I had many ah-ha moments that came flooding in since the topics were so relatable to my friends and family’s real life and social behavior – it helped me to learn how to better communicate through digitally asynchronized channels. As such, I’ve decided to implement these lessons into my blog content. My blog is all about self-enlightenment and improvement through making small changes daily – this detail on digital psychology will be a great addition!




All in all, this week’s readings were very interesting and thought-provoking. They have made me think more about my own online presence and how I want to present myself to the world. In particular, the reading by Craig Mod has given me a lot to think about regarding how I use social media and the internet. I will take his advice and try to be more mindful of my online activity from now on!


I will share some of the extra resources I have used to complete my research on Suler’s article below. Have a great week all!!

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