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    Process Post #12

    This is my final post on the course, and I’m sad it’s ending. That’s why it’s lengthy, as I don’t want to finish it unconsciously. The course has been a great source of enlightenment for me, both in real-life situations and online. I’ve learned many new and practical skills, which has made me enthusiastic about pursuing my minor in publishing. I’ve found something that I’m passionate about, and I want to continue with it.    The most valuable thing I’m taking away from this course is the motivation to start my small business, which I plan to launch in the summer. My buisiness will specialize in creating texture canvas art.…

  • Process Posts,  PUB 101

    Process Post #11

    This week, our focus has been on various types of media and trans media storytelling, a concept that has gained a lot of popularity recently. Social media has become an indispensable part of our lives, serving as more than just a means to connect with friends and family members. It has now become an impactful tool for businesses and individuals to showcase their brands and engage with their audience.  As a social media enthusiast, I found this idea to be particularly fascinating. In this blog post, I will share my thoughts on the subject, and also discuss how I use social media platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok for different…

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    Transformation #11-Listening to podcast

    Unlocking New Horizons: How Podcasts Helped Me Learn Unique Topics Directly from Experts Image source: Pexels As the world went into lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands. With limited options for entertainment, I turned to podcasts as a way to pass the time. Little did I know that this simple decision would change my life forever. In this post, I’d like to share how podcasts have played a crucial role in my growth journey by providing me with access to expert knowledge on various topics without having to incur the costs associated with traditional classes or the risk…

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    Mini Assignment #5

    This week, we delved into the concept of our digital presence and online interactions, particularly in relation to our blogs. Based on this topic, I have created an infographic showcasing my online persona as the person behind Rojan’s Road to Roj blog!

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    Peer Review #3

    My final peer review is here! For the final one, I had the pleasure of exploring Jolene’s enchanting website:Mama Jo’s Family! Mama Jo’s Website HomePage  Introduction and first impression   Upon landing on her site, the first thing that caught my attention was the introductory paragraph, which provided a welcoming and family-oriented vibe. Jolene’s website is informative and engaging, with her about page particularly noteworthy. I was drawn to her mention of her First Nation heritage and culture, which reminded me of Suler’s article’s Personal and Cultural Values section on “the online disinhibition effect”. This section emphasizes the impact of our personal and cultural values on our online interactions and how we perceive…

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    Process Post #10

    Image courtesy of mjessier on Unsplash   This week’s lecture discussed how online publications must compete to attract and retain readers. To maximize website performance, data-driven decisions are essential. I find Google Analytics a valuable tool in building my online publication.    It provides data on website visitors, including their location, behaviour, and device preferences. Analyzing this data can provide insights into the most engaging pages or posts. For example, my contents about yoga, meditation, and my weight loss journey are the most popular. Therefore, I plan to publish more content about physical health based on the insights I’ve received from my audience. I can identify content that resonates most with my audience…

  • Roj Contents

    Transformation #10-Avoiding Toxic People

    My Own Experience: How I Learned to Recognize and Avoid Different Types of Toxic People Image source: Unsplash As I sit down to pen my experience, my mind wanders back to when I realized the power of courage and overcame the guilt of being entangled in toxic relationships. It was a life-changing journey that taught me how to identify and avoid different types of toxic people. Growing up, various personalities surrounded me, and it was difficult to differentiate between good and bad relationships. As a result, my emotional and mental well-being was negatively impacted. It took me a long time to recognize and understand the different types of toxic people and…

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    Process Post #9

    Photo Credit: Unsplash Hello everyone! This week I’ve been busy trying to improve my website by analyzing its performance and figuring out new ideas that could help make it even better.  In this lecture, I was fortunate enough to attend a talk given by Trevor Battye from Clevers Media, who shared his insights on monetization and ways to make money from your audience. He stressed that it’s important to identify the needs of your audience and to be unique in your niche when starting a business. One key takeaway for me was that your first business might not be the most profitable one, but it’s a valuable learning experience that can…

  • Roj Contents

    Transformation #9-From Materialism To Mindfulness

    From Materialism to Mindfulness: My Transformation Journey towards Paying for Experience  This leg of my journey towards transformation is particularly special to me because of the revolutionary changes it has brought deep within me. It’s the culmination of all the past steps that I have taken to get here, and that’s why I hold this stage of my journey in high regard. It has helped shape me into a better version of myself. In my younger days, I was notorious for spending all my earnings on expensive brands and fashion labels. I was a shopaholic, believing that material possessions would bring me contentment and happiness. But as I progressed on my…

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    Mini Assignment #4

    First Remix Second Remix Remixing is a popular technique in the world of art that involves taking existing works and combining, manipulating, and reimagining them to create something new. In this mini-assignment, I remixed two photos to convey a powerful message about pursuing one’s true passion and finding oneself through art.    This diptych (artwork consisting of two pieces or panels) that I have created depicts the pressure of external forces to study and pursue coding in the present and the fulfillment of becoming a painter in the future.  The first remix shows the subject in a state of sadness and suppression, with binary codes covering her and the background.…

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