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Mini Assignment #4

First Remix
Second Remix

Remixing is a popular technique in the world of art that involves taking existing works and combining, manipulating, and reimagining them to create something new. In this mini-assignment, I remixed two photos to convey a powerful message about pursuing one’s true passion and finding oneself through art. 


This diptych (artwork consisting of two pieces or panels) that I have created depicts the pressure of external forces to study and pursue coding in the present and the fulfillment of becoming a painter in the future. 

The first remix shows the subject in a state of sadness and suppression, with binary codes covering her and the background. A hand from the outside writes the codes on her face, indicating a lack of control over her life. The background is blurred and gray, and the colour theme is fantastic. To create this photo, I intentionally used two different textures for handwritten and digital binary codes. This emphasized the digital essence of coding and the force of external pressure.

 Additionally, I brought the hand closer to her face and I changed the angle of her lips to convey my intentions more appropriately. 

In contrast, the second remix shows the subject happy and in control, painting her face with brushes in her hand. The background is light and colourful, and the colour theme is warm. The choice of colours on the subject’s face painting in the second photo is intentional, with each colour having a different meaning related to happiness, settlement, and positivity. The contrast between the two images intends to convey the idea that the subject controls her life in the second photo. This is in comparison to being controlled by external forces in the first. The colours, subject position, facial expressions, clothing, and other visual elements were carefully chosen to convey this message.


Both images used in this diptych were taken by me and edited using Adobe Illustrator. Also, the context of these remixed photos also resonates with the content of my blog, which focuses on self-growth, empowerment, and motivation. Through my blog, I strive to inspire and motivate my readers to pursue their passions and find happiness and fulfillment.


All in all, I believe using art as a means of expression and communication, I aim to convey powerful messages that resonate with my readers and inspire them to make positive changes in their lives. In addition, by remixing existing works and combining them in unique ways, I can create new messages that have a powerful impact on my audience.

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