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Transformation #2-Changing My Path

Choose Your Own Path: How I Overcame Family Expectations to Follow My Dreams

In a society that rules based on conformity, it can be tough to pursue your dreams. My dad always wanted me to be a doctor like the rest of my family. But I loved art and technology, so in my third year of university, I changed my major from Health Sciences to the Interactive Arts and Technology. It was a tough journey, but now everyone is impressed with how I followed my heart and became the person I want to be. If you’re feeling lost or stuck, know that it’s never too late to change and pursue your dreams. You might just surprise yourself with what you’re capable of achieving.

Why I changed my major from health science the Interactive Arts and Technology

Making big decisions can be nerve-wracking, I know! As an international student at SFU, I was no different when it came to changing my major from Health Sciences to IAT – especially with tuition already being expensive! After taking so many credits in my third year, the thought of having to start over again scared me; but despite all that fear and doubt inside of me, something pushed through telling me “just do it” – and boy am I glad I did! It has been anything BUT easy but if there’s one thing we should never regret is following our passions even though things may not always go as planned. So far this leap into unfamiliar territory has proven rewarding for me – here’s hoping it continues on its success journey!

How it was very hard to make the change, but how it was worth it

When I first set out on my journey of transformation, it was daunting. The uncertainty and fear felt overpowering at times – but with a clear vision for the future firmly in mind, I decided to take the plunge! With hard work and dedication as my strengths, along with some much-needed self confidence boosts here or there; things slowly began to change from one day to another. And before long (it feels almost like no time has gone by!) everything had changed drastically into something completely unrecognizable! Nowadays 

I’m more than just confident that this transition is paying off bigtime: not only am i flourishing professionally due simply having grit and determination…but also growing into an entirely new person inside & out too! All these amazing changes are undoubtedly worth every ounce of effort put in so far – now let’s keep going even further when possible!!

How my dad reacted when I told him I wanted to change my major, 

For anyone who has ever struggled with parental expectations, I understand your pain. After a decade of chasing the engineering dream and needing to convince my dad that art was also an acceptable career path—in Iran it’s commonly believed only doctors or engineers can be successful–I finally had his blessing. Now he is so proud of me for following my dreams! His support not only gave me the opportunity to pursue what made me happy, but by changing how he views success this newfound mindset extended into our home life too. 

My younger sisters, now know they are free follow their own passions without worrying about approval from Dad – Cool Roj 😉


After years of struggling to build the courage, I found it within me to pursue my dreams – and not only did I achieve them but also opened up a whole new world of possibilities for myself. My dad was initially resistant due to his traditional outlook on life but once he saw that this choice made me happy, he changed his entire perception about what success looks like and offered unconditional support. Nowadays, whenever there’s an obstacle blocking my path forward or doubts creeping in from every side – all it takes is one look at him filled with admiration & motivation for everything else just falls into place!


Struggling with a decision? Have the courage to follow your heart. I faced an incredibly difficult choice when determining my major, but ultimately chose Art rather than Science – and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! The rewards have been countless: finding enjoyment in my career path, making progress toward fulfilling dreams, and most importantly receiving approval from those closest to me. If you’re feeling lost or unsure where life is taking you next, don’t be afraid; take that leap of faith! You never know what kind of successes await just around the corner.

Hope this helps! 🙂

Let’s end this post with a family photo, taken in IranNowruz 2022. So you can see the faces of the people I was talking about. Even though we may not have met in person, my connection with you is growing stronger and deeper as this journey moves forward and I like it!


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