• Mini Assignments,  PUB 101

    Mini Assignment #2-Guest Post

    Guest Post-Wonder Woman Wonder Woman is my ultimate favourite DC heroine! She’s an Amazonian warrior and a symbol of strength, courage, determination & justice. Her incredible powers inspire us to fight for what’s right in the face of adversity – a key message I try to emphasize in my self-improvement blog. On top of her fierce physicality is Wonder Woman’s heartwarming origin story, which champions love, kindness & understanding as core values we should all strive towards achieving – especially when writing posts about personal growth and empowerment. From Princess Diana to the powerful superhero that she is today, her journey inspires me in many ways – especially for staying strong and doing what’s right.…

  • Process Posts,  PUB 101

    Process Post #3

    Hi all! This is my third process post, and I’m really starting to get the hang of this online thing! This week, I read this week readings and reflected on them. I also worked on my website online and things are definitely starting to come together! My website outline – what i need to do, how it will function The last week during my website outline journey has been an amazing yet challenging one. during this process, I’ve drafted a site map (you can see it below) that features such as  PUB 101, WEEKLY CONTENTS, as the categories on my navigation bar, I have also put the  ABOUT ME and HOME page in navigation bar for more user-friendliness. Additionally,…

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    Mini Assignment #1-Meme

    I’m sure we’ve all seen the iconic Hide the Pain Harold meme and know how hilariously relatable it can be when it comes to any sort of struggle. So, when I decided to create a meme for my motivational blog, naturally I thought to myself “why not use that same template?”. The idea behind it was that even though I strive to motivate and inspire people with a blog about self-improvement, I still struggled with this task from time to time. This meme became my way of saying “hey, look. even I have trouble doing what I’m trying to encourage!” with a bit tongue in cheek humour. If you’re feeling…

  • Process Posts,  PUB 101

    Process Post #2:

    You may have thought the hardest part of making a website is coming up with the content, but as it turns out, installation and setup can be pretty tricky too. This week, I installed WordPress and had some difficulties along the way. But despite the challenges, it was really rewarding to see my hard work pay off. In this post, I’ll share my decisions about my blog content, rationales, and what I’ve learned through this process. Stay tuned for more exciting updates to come! Thanks for following along. WordPress installation process This week I installed WordPress for the first time. Before this, I was familiar with working with Wix and…

  • Process Posts,  PUB 101

    Process Post #1

    How Often Do You Talk to Strangers?   In the social media age, it’s almost too easy to reach out and start a conversation with anyone in the world. But what about talking to strangers in real life? It can be intimidating, but I’ve found that talking to strangers in real life can be just as rewarding and meaningful as talking to them online. Let me explain why!   Difference Between Online and Offline Conversations   When you are talking to someone online, there is no face-to-face interaction or physical presence. You don’t have to worry about what the other person looks like, how they dress, their body language, etc.…

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