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  • Peer Reviews,  PUB 101

    Peer Review #2

    For this peer review, I was assigned to review Cassidy’s personal blog, COMPLETELY CASS. Competely Cass Home Page Upon landing on Cassidy’s blog, the first impression I got was a mysterious vibe that intrigued me to explore more, which I found very interesting. The home page features a quote from Emily Dickinson, “That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet,” which probably reflects Cassidy’s perspective on life. Furthermore, I appreciated including a YouTube video, The Most Dangerous Game – Alan Watts on Life’s Illusions, which provides a deeper understanding of morality, life’s meaning, and the human experience. This video was thought-provoking and resonated with me, making me ponder the meaning of life for my…

  • Peer Reviews,  PUB 101

    Peer Review #1

    “Ashley Chia’s Two A.M. Thoughts: My Personal Review” Hi everyone! This week I had the chance to read Ashley Chia’s blog, Two Am Thoughts.  In this post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and personal review on Ashley’s blog. Thanks for reading! Two A.M. Thoughts/Home Page   Introducing Ashley and her blog, “Two A.M. Thoughts” The About page of the website “Two A.M. Thoughts” is a great introduction to its author, Ashley. The page details that Ashley is a third-year Communication student at Simon Fraser University and that their best ideas often come to them at 2 A.M., though they know not all may be the best. The page goes on to say that Ashley loves…

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