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Peer Review #1

"Ashley Chia's Two A.M. Thoughts: My Personal Review"

Hi everyone! This week I had the chance to read Ashley Chia’s blog, Two Am Thoughts.  In this post, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and personal review on Ashley’s blog. Thanks for reading!

Two A.M. Thoughts/Home Page


Introducing Ashley and her blog, “Two A.M. Thoughts”

The About page of the website “Two A.M. Thoughts” is a great introduction to its author, Ashley. The page details that Ashley is a third-year Communication student at Simon Fraser University and that their best ideas often come to them at 2 A.M., though they know not all may be the best. The page goes on to say that Ashley loves going on road trips and exploring the city. The tone of the page is very friendly and informal, and what Ashley hopes to gain through this website is to share their thoughts with an audience and be more open. The About page manages to effectively introduce the author while also creating an inviting atmosphere for readers through Ashley’s cool, creative persona. The only recommendation I could make would be to add her picture or add a sentence or two about what readers can expect from the posts or any sort of overarching theme, so viewers have an even better idea before diving into the content.


The content of Ashley’s blog posts and how they reflect her personal thoughts and experiences

As described in the Campbell’s article “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure,” Ashley uses her blog to express her thoughts, showcase her writing skills, and engage with her audience. Just as a personal cyberinfrastructure requires careful planning, development, and management, Ashley is taking a linear approach to building her online self through her personal blog.

In Ashley’s blog posts, she reflects her personal thoughts and experiences through her writing. In her first post, “Process Post #1: Hi Stranger…,” she discusses her interaction with a stranger at the mall and how it changed her behavior towards others. She draws on various works in sociology to discuss the concept of strangers and acquaintances, as well as drawing from personal experience to explain what constitutes a stranger in her eyes. In the second post, “Process Post #2: My site behind-the-scenes,” Ashley shares her experience with setting up a website using WordPress. 

In this post, she expresses initial frustration with the process but then explains how simple it is to use. In both posts, Ashley provides an interesting insight into her personal thoughts and experiences which makes for engaging reading. 

While process post 3 and mini assignment 2 have yet to be posted – not including any personal or weekly contents – there is potential for even more relatable stories from Ashley’s life!


Analyzing her design choices made for the blog site and how they contribute to the overall aesthetic 

I really liked that Ashley has mentioned that the progress of the design is linear, and she is taking her time with design decisions. I enjoy the confidence behind this approach will help ensure consistency across all aspects of the blog site. However, there are a few areas that could be improved to enhance the overall aesthetic of the site. 

Firstly, using a WordPress template could provide a solid foundation and make the design process easier.  Additionally, I think working on the menu bar to make it more visually appealing and user-friendly would benefit the site.  Finally, I think adding visuals such as images or graphics plus accessibility plugins will take this website one step further in offering an enjoyable experience, APLN’s Website Accessibility Guide and Gaines’s ‘Four Principles of Accessibility’  are some comprehensive resources I always turn to!


Ashley’s engagement with course readings on developing an online self, specifically discussing how Ashley has done so far

Ashley’s development of her online self has benefited greatly from her course readings to this point. She has done an excellent job perfecting and utilizing the use of the readings especially in process 1. 

Although she hasn’t been able to utilize all the any lecture or tutorials about online self which were included in weeks 3 and 4, Ashley has made significant progress in obtaining an online presence that reflects her individualistic personality. Ashley is showing aptitude for building a constructive, warm, and confident online self that will bump her closer to her eventual goal – developing an engaging, relatable, and professional online self.

In my opinion, Ashley’s blog “Two A.M Thoughts” is her very own private space to openly express her thoughts and ideas in a way that may sometimes feel impossible offline. In John Suler’s article “Online Disinhibition Effect”, he explains how online environments can provide us with an empowering feeling of liberation as our behaviors become more uninhibited due to factors such as the sense of anonymity and psychological distance given by the internet – something Ashley has undoubtedly experienced! While being able to freely share these experiences through writing could be viewed positively, it is good practice for all bloggers out there (like myself included) ensure we are still conscious about what information we decide make publicly visible on this platform so that safety always remains paramount while expressing ourselves authentically without any judgement or fear.


The Two Am Thoughts is personal and reflective, and Ashley writes in a way that engages her readers and reflects Ashley’s personality. As we continue to learn about developing our online selves, Ashley will be able to experiment with new ways to enhance her blog aesthetics and further engage with her audience, by posting more personal contents. For now, she has created a successful outline for sharing her thoughts and experiences with the world and she will be sure to maintain a strong online presence 😉

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