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  • Mini Assignments,  PUB 101

    Mini Assignment #5

    This week, we delved into the concept of our digital presence and online interactions, particularly in relation to our blogs. Based on this topic, I have created an infographic showcasing my online persona as the person behind Rojan’s Road to Roj blog!

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    Mini Assignment #4

    First Remix Second Remix Remixing is a popular technique in the world of art that involves taking existing works and combining, manipulating, and reimagining them to create something new. In this mini-assignment, I remixed two photos to convey a powerful message about pursuing one’s true passion and finding oneself through art.    This diptych (artwork consisting of two pieces or panels) that I have created depicts the pressure of external forces to study and pursue coding in the present and the fulfillment of becoming a painter in the future.  The first remix shows the subject in a state of sadness and suppression, with binary codes covering her and the background.…

  • Mini Assignments

    Mini Assignment #3 Taking on a challenge can be hard, but I stepped up to the plate and created my very first TikTok video! In spite of the intimidating start without any text or explanations, I ended up creating a lasting memory of our Galentine’s Eve! Watch it on TikTok!

  • Mini Assignments,  PUB 101

    Mini Assignment #2-Guest Post

    Guest Post-Wonder Woman Wonder Woman is my ultimate favourite DC heroine! She’s an Amazonian warrior and a symbol of strength, courage, determination & justice. Her incredible powers inspire us to fight for what’s right in the face of adversity – a key message I try to emphasize in my self-improvement blog. On top of her fierce physicality is Wonder Woman’s heartwarming origin story, which champions love, kindness & understanding as core values we should all strive towards achieving – especially when writing posts about personal growth and empowerment. From Princess Diana to the powerful superhero that she is today, her journey inspires me in many ways – especially for staying strong and doing what’s right.…

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